Why Do You Wear A Mask?

onelesscase community blog asks why do you wear a mask

Our community values the importance of wearing a mask. Every week we will share real stories on why people across the country wear their masks:

  • @ms_maddie_rose: I wear a mask because I care about the health of my community and loved ones - besides, it can be a cute accessory! 😊
  • @vivacious_wish: I wear Mask to protect myself as well people around me. It's a new etiquette.
  • @fireboy617: Wearing a mask is a simple act to protect and show love for our communities.
  • @gothamlove: A mask is important to keep us safe and to respectfully keep others safe as well. If we all work together we can hopefully end this pandemic.
  • @masksbyjoanne: I wear a mask because I am an athletic trainer who works at a college so in order to work with athletics I wear one and I also help with covid testing at the college for all students / employees
  • @masksbyjoanne: This is my mom she wears a mask because she is a self employed figure skating coach
  • @sarahlknapp: We wear masks to help save lives!
  • @jennjenn129: I wear a mask for all those who are immunocompromised.
  • @mysticsistersjayshre: Wearing my mask helps me to protect others in our community, stops asymptomatic people from spreading covid19, shows respect to our essential care workers and if we all wear our masks businesses and schools can reopen. Show compassion. Wear your mask ❤

Send us a DM at @OneLessCase to share your story.

(*answers from our community are pictured from left to right*)

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