Why Do You Wear A Mask?

onelesscase community blog asks why do you wear a mask

Our community values the importance of wearing a mask. Every week we will share real stories on why people across the country wear their masks:

  • @itz_morgan18I wear a mask to help reduce the probability of getting COVID-19.
  • @catflinchfluteHonestly, I just like sharing my mask wearing because it’s super important and I wear one on the daily with my job. I know others who won’t wear one or refuse, so posting every week about it is something I want to continue to do!
  • @dr.emma.pattersonI wear a mask when I can’t social distance, to be patriotic and make people comfortable.
  • @cmen7890: I wear a mask so that I can continue to serve my patients and my community without passing along germs like COVID-19 that I may unknowingly have.
  • @iamhoneygoodI wear a mask to protect myself and others and as an ‘accessory’ to let others know what type of woman is behind the mask!
  • @ms.victoriaI wear a mask because it protects me and others from becoming sick with covid.
  • @_mattconrad_To protect my friends and family.
  • @ariellez919I wear masks because it’s common sense for humanity to work together to defeat a global crisis. Wearing a mask is such a small deal and can help so much - I don’t understand why ppl don’t do it. If you’re so spoiled and weak that you complain about having to wear a mask then you seriously need to grow some balls.
  • @draminamalikAs a sign of respect and love for those around me!

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(*answers from our community are pictured from left to right*)

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