Why Do You Wear A Mask?

onelesscase community blog asks why do you wear a mask

Our community values the importance of wearing a mask. Every week we will share real stories on why people across the country wear their masks:

  • @melwearswhat: I wear my mask to protect my health and the health of others around me to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • @vinoforbreakfast: It’s important to wear a mask because it’s an easy way to do my part to stop the spread. This has never been about me, it’s about the people who are more at-risk. Wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience that has been proven to actually work and I wish people took that more seriously.
  • @thechampcharles212: I wear a mask to protect others out there in the world. I badly would want to go back to how life was a year ago but I also understand in order for all of us to beat this we have to do what’s best for others. If we don’t, then we will foolishly lose the ones we love and fall further behind the line. We will get through this, we will overcome this, and one day we can go to a new normal where we can embrace the people we love with open arms. Stay safe out there.
  • @janet.chenn: I wear my mask because I do not want to affect those around me, especially my family, and COVID-19 is not something to be taken lightly.
  • @emmaccohen: I wear a mask because I care about the safety of others! It’s common sense :)
  • @cmaddox_sneakerlife: The reason I wear a mask is to protect those around me, especially elders and youth.
  • @balayagegirl: I wear my mask because I can’t work at my loft unless I am wearing a mask and I’d rather work in a mask than not work at all.
  • @bead.diva: I think mask wearing is very important. I have been wearing them since it came out that they reduce the spread. My dad died of a lung disease with symptoms very close to COVID19 and the thought of anyone else going through that hurts my heart, especially alone. So I wear one to protect myself and others the best I can.
  • @lawdfitz: I use the mask to protect my mother that is at risk, and so i can do my part for the community and hopefully we can all rave again.

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(*answers from our community are pictured from left to right*)

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