Why Do You Wear A Mask?

onelesscase community blog asks why do you wear a mask

Our community values the importance of wearing a mask. Every week we will share real stories on why people across the country wear their masks:

  • @janomi_hair: I'm diabetic. I wear a mask to protect myself and my family.
  • @chrissyfitzy: I wear a mask because I care about the well-being of myself, and my fellow man. 💕
  • @ateacherandhercoffeeI wear a mask because I care about teachers, my students, health care workers, my parents, everyone.
  • @devciccioI wear my mask because it’s our best defense against Covid-19. To think otherwise is to ignore science!
  • @hwoodtexan08: No one knows if they are a carrier or not. If wearing a mask helps protect others then it’s a no brainer. Who wants to be responsible for getting someone they love sick.
  • @djthebalancelady: I have many to choose from. I wear a mask because it’s the right thing to do for my both myself and those around me. It’s as simple as that.
  • @iamscottpaul: It’s an easy way keep myself and others safe. The more seriously people take them, the faster life goes back to normal.
  • @emily.a_nderson: I wear my mask because it is important for me to know I'm doing my part in my community to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • @jordentheegreatI wear a mask not for me, but for YOU...for my family, for your family, my friends and yours...for all those I may encounter during my day. I wear it with the hope of making a break in the chain of infection. I wear a mask so that we ALL have a chance at living a “normal” life again some day.

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(*answers from our community are pictured from left to right*)

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