Why Do You Wear A Mask?

Our community values the importance of wearing a mask. Every week we will share real stories on why people across the country wear their masks:

  • @ziggy_pom @sxmjuliana: I wear a mask to protect other people who might be more at risk for getting sick as well as to protect myself from others that might have a contagious illness - having worked in healthcare has shown me how important it is to mask up! 😷
  • @nsaent: I wear my mask for your protection.
  • @mattbosstheross: I am wearing this mask because schools are requiring all students to wear a mask to prevent the spread of water droplets traveling throughout the air whenever a person exhales. This in turn reduces the spread of pathogens in the air, including COVID-19.
  • @mindymins00: Masks are mandatory where I work, and the close surrounding area. We wear the masks to protect everyone else, to potentially slow the spread of COVID-19 if we are asymptomatic and unaware that we're carriers.
  • @am_seamstress: I wear my mask to protect myself and others. It’s our responsibility to help fight the spread of this disease by doing what we can.
  • @curvydogmomandfitnessfanatic: Answer is simple, I wear a mask for the love of my family, friends, coworkers, and everyone else just because that’s the right thing to do to keep everyone safe ❤️!
  • @helloellelowe: I wear a mask because I truly feel that by doing so, I am protecting not just myself and my family, but also my community, especially the more vulnerable people. ❤️
  • @lonerider2013: I wear my mask to keep people around me safe from whatever I may be caring are from what they may be carrying that we don't know that will make the world all safe.... one mask at a time.
  • @the.chorleys_x: We wear our masks Because my 2 year old is on the extremely clinically vulnerable list, we wear them to protect him and protect all vulnerable people who have no choice to go out for essentials they need.

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(*answers from our community are pictured from left to right*)

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